CreativeMarket - Sponsorship Pitch 1787750

CreativeMarket - Sponsorship Pitch 1787750
PPT, PPTX | Layered | Vector | 16:3 | 13.16 MB

This Sponsorship Pitch helps you to get sponsors for your project or event. It has been designed for multi-purpose projects and events. This template helps you deliver your idea and information about your project in the best presentable form, increasing your chances to get many potential sponsors.

    Aspect Ratio 16:3
    No of slides: 40


    Company background
    Team Members
    Previous Events
    Previous Attendees
    Market Analysis
    Market Segmentation
    Yearly Report
    Event Highlights
    Event Date
    Guest Speakers
    VIP Guests
    Event Location/ Site
    Target Audience
    Media Partners
    Cost Breakdown
    Sponsorship Packages
    Sponsorship badges and in depth benefits
    Brand Promotion Plan
    Why Should You Sponsor Us?
    Other Sponsors on Board

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