CodeCanyon - PanelAdmin - Responsive Magento Admin Theme

Now your admin panel is powerful with Magento Responsive Admin Template but we do not only want you have a smart admin panel but also a friendly front-end with 6 strong extensions below:

CKEditor is back! FULL++ Latest version 4.4.7 for OC2.0

This extension would replace all instances of Summernote with full latest version of CKEditor.
Completely integrated with OpenCart's filemanager. Includes 100+ plugins!

OpenCart Seo Pack Pro

It is time to make your Opencart SEO friendly! Opencart SEO Pack PRO 8 is more powerful, easier to use, more customizable and includes many more SEO features.

iBlog v2.7.3 - The Smart Choice For Blogging - OpenCart Extension

iBlog brings a simple and straightforward way to blog in OpenCart. It features, SEO URLs, so search engines find about your business easier and an intuitive way to interact with the module to do just about anything you would want. Please read just a few of the benefits of adding a blog to your website.

Google Shopping v1.1 for OpenCart 1.5 & 2.0

This extensions creates a price feed/product feed that allows you to sync your prices and products with Google. The feed is created in real time, which means that Google will constantly get your current products and prices.

CSV Price Pro import/export - OpenCart Extension

This extension adds the ability to import/export products from/to a file in CSV format. This multifunctional tool allows you to easily manage your store's catalog.

CodeCanyon - Instagram for Magento

Add an Instagram feed to your Magento Website! Show Instagram images and videos from a user or #tag easily via the Magento Admin area. CDL’s Instagram for Magento module creates a sidebar mini gallery as well as a full gallery page, each of which can be configured separately to use a different user or #tag.

✔SMS Notification,Template & Contact–Android or any Gateway

The unique OpenCart 2.0 module that lets you send SMS from your Android or using any SMS gateway. Supports any gateways: Use your Android phone with your SMS plan (no additional SMS credits) or add your SMS gateway to send bulk SMS. You can change SMS provider as you want.

Wunderadmin - magento admin theme

Change the look of your admin panel by selecting one of three themes, that will modify design of admin panel. You can get improved and cleaner design of interface to get better usability and user experience, switch to modern theme to have fresh looking sidebar navigation.

CodeCanyon - Opencart Custom Product Designer

T-Shirt eCommerce help you build a website with custom products and sale online. Business solution for the printing and embroidery.

AffiliatePlus - Magento Affiliate extension

Whatever an affiliate program you think of, you can always find "how-to" at Magestore. Just we provide up to 6 ways for affiliates to refer and 4 methods for you to pay commission.