Mobile App Templates & Source Code

ionic 3 App for WooCommerce

Great mobile app for WooCommerce with api, built with ionic 3. This will connect to your woo-commerce store and Synch categories and products in realtime. Lets your customer to shop easier and faster, Increases your sales, greater customer engagement, Lets your customer to shop and make payment, register, login, view order status and order history, manage account etc.

Website to Android App - Material Design

My app allows you to create your own app for Android Phones and Tablets from your URL Website . With just a few clicks, all without any code ,it is fast and easy to create Android apps Now ! There are two pages where you just throw a bunch of information.”contact us” and “about us”

Geometry Rash - Buildbox Template

In a geometric form, jump, collect stars, release new characters, be the first in the ranking. ranking added. Progress through health and flying through danger in this fast-paced action-packed platformer!

Super Jump Buildbox Project BBDOC

Jabber's ancestral jewel was stolen by evil monster. To take the gold coin Jabber coins start his adventure. Control Jabber to run, jump and throw on monsters. Start your adventure, run across five worlds as you smash through these tricky monsters. Filled with unforeseen obstacles, struggle to reach the FINAL destination. So Jabber can take back his jewel.

Ebook Reader - iOS App Source Code

Ebook reader is a fully featured reader for Epubs and PDFs. Ebook market is increasing day by day as most of the people converting to ebooks than physical books.  It is perfect solution for developers who are planning to build ebook reader. This app has all the features with beautiful user interface.

Lighthouse - iOS Source Code

Project have share function, you can put short link to share message for increase users in game. To increase audience retention we use local notifications after 1,6 and 24 hours and after 1 week. For monetisation project has AdMob framework, you can easy place your ad id’s. After game we called rate us function, also we have rate us button in main menu. Game based on SpriteKit engine, and write on Swift 4. All code in game nice commented. Project have good program architecture.

Adventure Tree Gold - Buildbox

Who said the money does not grow in the way and falls from the trees? Just start small and get rich by taking care of your own mythical money tree - a natural aberration that suits you perfectly cool. Hire gardens, invest in fertilizer equipment and power-ups to develop your little monster how to play Control the game through a personal pressure that brings you to Yemen or the left and who have come across money and escape from the enemy of my father revolves around trees Purchase of toys You may add them Note!

Cave - Buildbox Template

Easy to learn, hard to master. Collect the diamond to advance to the next cave. Carefully plan your move because you never know what's within these dark places. This game will test patience and pin-point-precision. With good marketing, it has a great chance to become viral.

Jungle World Game | Eclipse & Android Studio | AdMob Ads

Jungle World Game, build using Buildbox 2.2.8 game with multi world and levels, You can easily reskin this game using: eclipse or android studio.

Recipe - Android Studio App UI Kit

The recipe is a food social media mobile template app for restaurants and food bloggers. The template is user-friendly and easy to use. It allows you explore new recipes, creates your own recipes and allows people to comment, follow etc

Flags Quiz - Android Game + Admin Panel

Flags Quiz game has more than 190 levels for 195 flags of all world countries, Let users test their knowledge and guess what is the country of this flag. We filled it with many features and make awesome design for it. it has leaderboard, some helps to help you to guess the flag and share it with your friends, also it has admin panel to add new levels as you want instead of uploading new version on google play and more other features.. Enjoy!!