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Octopus escape- with ADMob/Leaderboard/Share - CodeCanyon Item for Sale

CodeCanyon - Octopus escape- with ADMob/Leaderboard/Share | 34.2 Mb

Android Live TV - CodeCanyon Item for Sale

Android Live Tv Application is app that show live tv on android device. Watch your favorite TV channels Live in your mobile phone with this Android application on your Android device. that support almost all format.The application is specially optimized to be extremely easy to configure and detailed documentation is provided.

Lines 98 Classical Game with Admob - CodeCanyon Item for Sale

Lines 98 is a game play on board with balls of seven different colors. The player can move one ball per turn to remove balls by forming lines (horizontal, vertical or diagonal) of at least five balls of the same color. If the player does form such lines of at least five balls of the same color, the balls in those lines disappear, and he gains one turn, i.e. he can move another ball. If not, three new balls are added, and the game continues until the board is full.

FlappyBot - An Obstacle Avoidance Game - CodeCanyon Item for Sale

This is a native Android Arcade Obstacle Avoidance Game, written in Java with Eclipse. The aim of the player is to touch the screen of his device and keep the flappy bird robot alive as long as possible. The game features top 5 high scores.

Speed Dating - social dating network - CodeCanyon Item for Sale

Speed dating. Make own social dating service.

Wallpaper Changer is now the first and only app that will display full weather conditions on your homescreen and weather forecast on your lockscreen. (OS 10.3 or above required)

DroidMarket - marketplaces app with CMS - CodeCanyon Item for Sale

DroidMarket is a marketplaces application template that run under Android platform and come with server build on php framework included. This will help you build your own mobile marketplaces application faster. With many great features.

Mad Copter with Admob - Avoidance Game + Interstitials + Leaderboards - CodeCanyon Item for Sale

This game is an Obstacle avoidance game made in Java using Eclipse IDE. The aim of the player is to avoid the platforms and the hammers controlling the copetr just with the finger and get the highscore possible.

Weather 7 - CodeCanyon Item for Sale

Weather 7 is a elegant solution to obtaining weather information via the [WeatherUnderground API]( You can build off our already included full Xcode project or simply add to your existing project. Fahrenheit and celsius temperatures are auto calculated based on the users locale so there is no need for complicated calculations. We have included all the code to get current the conditions along with a 4 day forecast and a 4 day detailed text forecast for your current location or a searched location complete with custom weather icons and weather icons from Weather Underground.

Foodgram - CodeCanyon Item for Sale

Take or choose photo, edit and sharing with food skin !!!

StoreApp: A Mobile Store Application Template - CodeCanyon Item for Sale

StoreApp is a complete iOS and Android store application template built using the Appcelerator Titanium Mobile framework. This template is great for retail business owners or consultants who build solutions for business owners. Both hard and soft goods. Use this template to quickly create an Android or iOS mobile store for your business or for your client.