Mobile App Templates & Source Code

City Car Driver Unity

Here we are with our brand new game City Driver! Are you into racing games? If so, this will be the perfect game for you! City Driver is a totally city car simulaton game, with 10 city and mountains levels to beat. Can you make it to the finish  point? You can make our car driving game, off road game, parking game etc...

ElSabbat -  Woocommerce Titanium App - CodeCanyon Item for Sale

El Sabbat App is a Titanium Mobile application developed for ecommerce sites especially powered by woo commerce plugin., its enable your customer buy your product through your website or your mobile or ipad app.

Asset Store - Hidden Object Game Template

Hidden Object Game is a full Unity template ready for release. It is compatible with mobile as well as standalone and webplayer.

Asset Store - Top Down Shooter - Zombie Survival KIT

Ever wanted to create your own TDS Zombie survival game? Have you ever wanted to create something like "Survive wave of zombies’ game"? Something like a “Defend Survival”? Or just any “Survival Zombie game”? Then try this out!

Universal - Full Multi-Purpose Android App - CodeCanyon Item for Sale

Works with the most popular RSS XML sources & formats, our parser will even search for a thumbnail in the description if there is no one found by default. Works with Youtube Channels & Playlists. Works with self hosted Wordpress sites with version 2.8 or higher. While most Wordpress themes and plugins should be compatible with our plugin, we can not guarantee full 3rd party plugin and theme support. Radio player works with most media formats. Full Arab and Hebrew support from Android 4.2 and up.

Store Finder Full Android Application v1.1.2 - CodeCanyon Item for Sale

USER RATING Integration; USER REVIEWS Integration; NEWS Integration; WEATHER REVIEWS Integration; User Profile Cover Photo/Thumb Photo; Sliding Transition; Custom Icon per category (Map Icon); Localization Ready!; Offline Usage; Social Login (Twitter/Facebook/Web); AdMobcustom Turn ON/OFF; Cool Mobile UI Interaction; Multi Animation Selection per user configuration; Share to Facebook; Share to Twitter


Selfie - SnapChat Clone - CodeCanyon Item for Sale

Selfie is Android app Built to be customized as the buyer want to, using Selfie app you can create a photo & Video sharing app like (SnapChat) which delete image after specific time, in selfi you can make it just like SnapChat OR you can make it just photo & Video sharing app just like SnapChat BUT this time Without Make Specific Time to delete image.

Wifi Data Transfer - AdMob, StartApp and LeadBolt - CodeCanyon Item for Sale

This application provides solution for the users who want to connect their android mobile with PC without connecting through a data cable or wire. The application provides the connectivity of mobile device with PC through Wi-Fi. User can copy, paste, and delete files from his /her phone by connecting it with Personal Computer.

Slot Machine - Framework

The slot machine framework is completely game ready. It contains: - Sounds; - Well documented Scripts (C#); - Animation; - Shader; - Materials; - Prefabs in many combinations; - Textures with extra skins (Diffuse and Normal maps) and the Source FBX file. It's easy to make your custom slot machines or/and skins in no time!

Amazing Photo Collage Android App - CodeCanyon Item for Sale

Features: - 50 + frames - List of frames in grid format. - Set images in frames. - Image selection from camera gallery screen - pinch to zoom with image - left/right rotate image. - Share image with whats app, facebook, twitter and we chat etc

Block Jumper - Admob + Leaderboard + Share + Rate - CodeCanyon Item for Sale

Block Jumper is a simple twist on an old arcade game. Simply jump from side to side while avoiding the falling objects. As you gain more points the game gets faster and harder. It is nearly impossible to get more than 200 points, unless you are really good.