ThemesCorp - Aurora v1.5.7.1 - 7 Colors Style For XenForo

We respected at the most the visual aspect of the style and we also kept 5 choices of colors (7 colors now!). The .PSD file of logo and the font are included in the archive

Brivium - RM Download Tracker v1.1.1 - XenForo Addon

RM Download Tracker is totally helpful for any administrators or uploaders to tracking traces of downloaders. You could follow and know exactly who downloaded what and advertise to them at next time when you have something to be sold out or downloaded.

Upgrade Coupons 1.0.9a - XenForo Add-on

Add the ability for coupons to be created in the Admin Control Panel to be used when your members purchase account upgrades.Email or post your coupon codes to members so they can use them as a discount when purchasing account upgrades, upto and including free upgrades.

ThemesCorp - xenFracture Light v1.5.7.0 - XenForo Style

I let you discover it through our screens and demo

ThemesCorp - Delta Dark v1.5.7.0 - XenForo Style

He is very pleasant, completely responsive and he is supported well by our XenCore framework !

Brivium - Advanced Forum Rules  - Addon For XenForo

This is a special add-on and specially fitted with some specific groups. When users or guests click on any links in the site, they must confirm they have read the forum rules firstly.

Link Directory (LD)

The Link Directory offers you a built-in XenForo link list with numerous features such as: Link Directory Site is visible depending on group rights; Links can be added depending on group rights; Links can be edited, depending on group rights; Links can be deleted depending on group rights; Links must be released after each group rights or are immediately visible...


XenForo - it's fast and convenient system management forum. The developers of this software product dedicated many years working on such a hit as VBulletin. Therefore, among the priorities: high speed, resistance to heavy loads, as well as advanced functionality.

PixelExit - Gamer Time v1.5.7 - XenForo Styles

Gamer Time is a brand new gaming style from Pixel Exit! It uses a great contrast of dark and light colors. It also takes advantage of an optional Horizontal Postbit and the ability to style the notices like no other style out there. The style also utilizes our "Widen Style" option perfectly to expand the design to a fluid state but keeping the content at a max-width of your choosing.

WoltLab Burning Board 4.1

Burning Board® is the key to build up and run a successful community. The 4th generation of our established forum software provides an excellent user experiences using the best available technologies. Our structured and efficient administration control panel allows you to manage even the largest communities without great effort and technical knowledge. Benefit from our decades of experience and rely on quality Made in Germany.

Canvas - Modern PHPBB3.1 Theme

Canvas – Modern, responsive and retina-friendly theme for phpBB3.1