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CGElves – Marvelous Designer Clothing Patterns, Presets & Textures

This Mega Pack includes our entire library of over +300 Marvelous custom physical property presets. It will cover you for practically every common clothing part and item you will need to make.

Simply load in the preset you need, when you need it, and avoid wasting much time on trial and error .
Apply our custom Marvelous Designer physical property presets to any garment you make for instant results.

Our HD patterns were captured in full screen mode on an iMac 27″ screen.For each garment there are often multiple large, high-res pattern captures.

Pants, Dresses, Different skirts, Pleating panels, Shirts, tops & hoodies, Sleeves & shoulder straps, Hoods & stiff hood rims, Capes and cloaks, Tuxedo presets, Hat presets, Buttons (very important to have a proper setting, or else the buttons curl up like dead beetles and don’t keep their shape!), Collars (for regular shirts & jackets collars, as well a special stiff standing up collar), Belts and waist bands (for simulation and some specific ones for animations), Bathing robe (incl. Preset to keep a knotted belt from opening up), Stiff connecting strips to hold capes together, Soft piping and stiff piping, Ribbons and bows, Zipper strips & Cuffs.